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Kayaking, Zip Line Canopy Tours, Riverside Cabins, and Camping

Come join us at The Sandbar for
family fun on the Broad River

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Call (706) 245-4163

As of Monday, July 6th, we are returning back to our normal operations and will no longer be doing reservations. It will be first come first serve. We will still be taking evry safety precaution we can. We are recommending our guests to bring masks to wear on the bus. Bring a plastic ziplock bag to put your mask in while on the river. We appreciate everyone's cooperation as we get through this difficult time. If you have any questions regarding anything, call The Sandbar at 706-245-4163.

Zip Lines are Reservation Only (last zip line is under repairs due to flooding. 5 lines for $49 and 9 lines for $69).

Come experience the Best Georgia Zip Line Canopy Tours and Kayaking with The Sandbar.

Zip lines are open and available by (24 hour advance) reservation only. Please call 706-245-4163 if no answer call 706-248-4411

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Come enjoy Georgia Kayaking and Zip Lining on the beautiful Broad River at The Sandbar! Near Athens, Georgia.

  1. Enjoy the scenic experience in Kayaks, Zip Lines, or inside a cabin rental. Fun for all ages and skill levels. We are a short drive from Athens, Georgia.
  2. Our Broad River Kayak Rentals are a great value featuring high quality wilderness tarpons.
      Kayaking - Rental Shuttle Only (with your own equipment/kayak) Parking
    Sandbar Kayaking $25 $15 Free
  3. We provide Free parking for kayakers.
  4. We recycle hundreds of beverage cans every day!
  5. Free Hot Showers!
  6. $1 cooler rentals to take with you kayaking down the broad river
  7. At the sandbar you park at the end of the river and are shuttled up river to float down instead of floating down river waiting wet and tired for a shuttle to come pick you up!
  8. Laid back atmosphere and Friendly Staff!

The Broad River Kayakers

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Call (706) 245-4163
Hwy 172 West of Bowman
on King Hall Mill Road, GA

Broad River Kayaking - Athens, Georgia

Come kayaking with us on the beautiful Georgia broad river every day of the week, rain or shine. Riverside cabins and tent rentals availalbe for kayakers and those that just want to have fun hanging out next to the river all year long. Pitch your tent in the middle of the broad riverThe Sandbar Bar and Grill overlooks the broad river and provides a great atmospher of casual dining. Map your fun day from Atlanta, Anderson, Clemson, Danielsville, Bowman, or Athens to the best Broad River outpost in north Georgia known as The Sandbar Kayaking and Restaurant. Come experience Northeast Georgia's beautiful Broad River. If you arrive at another kayaking rental service called Broad River Outpost on hwy 281 you are not at the correct location. We are not the Broad River Outpost. We are the Broad River Outpost and more!! The Sandbar broad river Kayak rentals and shuttle service is located on hwy 172 off of hwy 72 from athens. Come have some fun at thebest Georgia Zip Lines.

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