Broad River Kayaking with The Sandbar!

Kayaks: Tarpons, Rippers and Swings

Boating Season is from April 1st through September. Trip cost is $20 per person Weekdays and $25 Saturday-Sunday-Holidays. Bring a change of clothes, towel, and a strap for your glasses. Life jackets and paddles are provided or you may bring your own. Drinks and snacks can be purhased at the sandbar or you can bring your own.



River Trips are available every day of the week Monday-Friday 10am-7pm | Weekends 9am - 7pm. Must be signed up before 3:00pm. No Reservations.

 We are now open for Kayaking only on weekends, weather and water levels permitting. Please call beforehand.


How it Works

Kayaking the Broad river can be loads of fun! Upon arrival we will ask you to read and
fill out a liability waiver. We will then ask you to hand over a photo ID and assign you
a number in order to load you on the shuttle and take you to the put-in. You will then
need to “grab a life jacket and paddle,” coolers and ice if you need them. After a short,
but adventurous bus ride we will cast you out onto the Broad River to meander your way
down stream. You will float approximately 5 miles and get out at your car or back at the
bar, however you choose to think about it.

What kind of Kayaks do you use?

All our kayaks are sit-on-tops or ocean kayaks, all most have a space for a small soft
sided cooler (under 10lbs per boat).

How long are trips?

River trips take an average of 3 ½ hours so bring water and sunscreen if nothing else!

River Rules:

We expect and encourage all our patrons to be respectful of other’s property and the
river itself. We ask that you store all your trash back inside your cooler (or if you pick
up river trash you can put it inside the boat and we will clean it out for you!) All property
along the river is privately owned and out of respect for our neighbors we ask that you
obey any and all “no trespassing” signs, greet people politely, and remember that if you
stop even on the rocks you should clean up after yourselves.



Sandbar Kayaking Rules

  1. Respect the environment and private property along the river.
  2. Kayaks are not all terrain vehicles—they should only be sat on when in water. (Using your Kayak as a slide down a hill will cause damage to the boat (for which you are responsible) and will most likely ruin your day—because you will sink)
  3. Coolers should be small to medium size, have a locking or zippered lid. No Styrofoam!
  4. No glass is allowed on the river—this is for the safety of all!
  5. All person’s age 12 and under must wear a life jacket while in the boat.
  6. Dogs under one year, less than 30 lbs, over age 7, or dogs that are not strong swimmers should have a life jacket.
  7. Children under 10 years of age will not be allowed in their own boats unless accompanied by a parent, guardian or responsible adult.
  8. Do not take valuables or car keys on the river, these items tend to get lost (forever) or broken. We are happy to hold keys—valuables and electronics should be left inside your locked vehicle.
  9. Kayakers must return before 7 p.m. to avoid late fees.


Dogs on the Broad River

Pet Policy

We love to see patrons with their pooches but we want to keep you both safe.
1.  Be aware of your dogs swimming strength, certain stretches of the Broad contain rapids
with undercurrents that can pull even the strongest 4-legged swimmers under.

2.  It is our advice that all dogs come wearing a doggie-life jacket, these can be purchased online
or at local pet stores. (We do not have doggie-life jackets!)  

3.  We do not allow people to  take a dog on the river when levels are above 5 feet.  Rapids and undercurrents are more dangerous at these levels and your dog can get hurt or drown in the rapids.  Small dogs and puppies are especially susceptible.

4.  Your dog should not be leashed to the boat, and should not wear a leash unless
you are holding the other end—this is to ensure that the leash is not caught on a sunken
tree or rock and therefore harming your pet.  

5.  Space in the boats is limited there isn’t a “doggie seat” so depending on the size of your dog, and your patience, 5 miles may feel more like 20.  You will have to counterbalance for your dogs movements if it is riding in your boat.  

6.  Dogs should be in good physical shape, if your pooch doesn’t exercise and likes to sit on the sofa all day they’re not going to be in the best shape to make a five mile trek on the river.  Puppies and older dogs should not come.

7.  Please make sure you are bringing your dog kayaking for them, not you.  You may have great fun, but your dog might have more fun at home.

Dog Behavior

If your dog doesn’t like strangers or other dogs its best if they stay home as most
dogs on the river are off leash, furthermore you’ll be traversing through other peoples’ land and their dogs or stray dogs may be present and may pose more risk to your pooch since they do not have an owner present to control them. Additionally, if your dog cannot behave off leash,
you should not bring him or her. We want everyone to have a good time, but also want
to keep everyone safe. Doggie doodies should always be in the woods away from the
restaurant and walkways (otherwise you need to clean it up)!!




What to bring with you to the Sandbar

  • A soft-sided cooler or medium sized hard cooler with a locking lid and ice.
  • Drinks of your choice—remember no glass will be allowed!
  • Snacks, we have many snacks for sell.
  • Sunscreen, we have limited free supplies of sunscreen available.
  • Shoes that will stay on your feet and comfortable when wet (flip flops tend to float away)
  • Sunglasses or a hat
  • Towel and change of clothes for when you get off the river!



Planning to bring your own kayak?

  1. We only shuttle kayaks that are under 13' long
  2. There is a $10 shuttle fee for people that bring their own kayak.
  3. We cannot shuttle canoes due to the size of our trailer.



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Come kayaking with us on the beautiful Georgia broad river every day of the week, rain or shine. Riverside cabins and tent rentals availalbe for kayakers and those that just want to have fun hanging out next to the river all year long. Pitch your tent in the middle of the broad riverThe Sandbar Bar and Grill overlooks the broad river and provides a great atmospher of casual dining. Map your fun day from Atlanta, Anderson, Clemson, Danielsville, Bowman, or Athens to the best Broad River outpost in north Georgia known as The Sandbar Kayaking and Restaurant. Come experience Northeast Georgia's beautiful Broad River. If you arrive at another kayaking rental service called Broad River Outpost on hwy 281 you are not at the correct location. We are not the Broad River Outpost. We are the Broad River Outpost and more!! The Sandbar broad river Kayak rentals and shuttle service is located on hwy 172 off of hwy 72 from athens. The Sandbar is the best Athens Georgia Kayaking.